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SOUTH AFRICAN ARTS & DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (SAADA) is a non-profit organization, that identifies and nurtures up and coming South African talent in their various creative fields. SAADA has identified a gap in the life and business skills amongst the young art practitioners in our country. We are aware that most of our artists die as paupers due to exploitation, mismanagement of funds and general lack of industry knowledge. Therefore we are partnering with various stakeholders in order to help with the intervention of the continuous problems they are faced with.

The objectives of the SAADA are:

  • To promote the development and sustainability of South Africa’s arts, culture and heritage in the country.
  • To provide the facilities and infrastructure which allows for continued community participation in arts, heritage and culture. • To provide training to ensure sustainability of careers in the arts, improvement in productivity, and effectiveness of talent in the industry.

SAADA Project: SAADP ( South African Artist Developmental Programme)

“Development, promotion and preservation of young South African artists”

The lead programme “South African Artist Developmental Programme” (SAADP) will be the driving programme for SAADA. SAADP will take young, talented people from the streets through a national audition process, and identify 1000 beneficiaries across the nine provinces to participate in this programme.


SAADP Objectives:

  • The overall goal of SAADP is to nurture the most talented young artists through training and performance opportunities
  • To meet the individual needs of each young artist, SAADP will provide specialised customised mentorship and training
  • SAADP uses the their unique resources to identify, educate and nurture young artists for major careers in music
  • The SAADP programme is unique because it guides and transforms the artist through the programme, thus enabling them to reach their highest potential.

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